Medium-sized companies without a dedicated legal department
You don’t have to fore go the services of a law department: adjuga offers a consulting concept that is tailor-made to your firm’s requirements. By working closely with a manageable number of dedicated clients over the long-term, adjuda’s lawyers are able to work in tandem with clients, allowing both sides to benefit from a “business partnering” approach.

What you can expect:

  • pre-emptive advice
  • practical and detailed application of legal advice in all sectors
  • fast, efficient and unbureaucratic delivery of advice, by telephone or e-mail
  • commercial approach to drafting letters and contracts, rather than just highlighting legal risk
  • pragmatic business sense acquired over many years “In-House”
  • demand-based access to adjuga services
  • legal advice that considers the full picture, not just certain aspects of an issue
  • all our lawyers are fluent in English
  • extensive experience of advising clients in respect of international matters
  • a dedicated point-of-contact for your business, supported by a colleague (who is up to speed on your matters) who can step in as required
  • highly-motivated lawyers working on your behalf